Tuesday, February 6, 2007

"Loaded for lunch"

Slow day at the office--bored--mind wondering. Thinkin about a nice fat cock. Got myself all worked up and left the office for an adult bookstore near me. Usually no action at this place, but I had to try. Either needed a hot load up my ass or down my throat! Pulled into the parking lot and only saw one car..."fuck"...pulled the poppers out of my glove box and went inside....one booth occupied and the guy had the "hole" covered with his arm...I fuckin hate that man....I mean what the fuck do you come here for anyway...so I drop a buck in the bill feeder, drop my pants and start workin my cock and fingerin my ass.....the guy moves his arm and I see an average size cock stick through...i drop to my knees to start suckin and I notice there is two dudes in the stall.....the other is a heavy set black dude with a nice thick uncut dick....I want it bad man...so I get the white guys cock all slobbery and then turn around and just stick it up my ass......he starts fuckin me and within a few seconds I can feel a load in my ass....he pulls out and I wait hoping the black guy will start next......"fuck" no such luck....so I drop to my knees to take a look through the hole, and in comes his hard fucking dick....I opened wide and started to allow him to throat fuck me long and deep.....I start fingering my ass and feel the other guys cum start to ooze out......I am on fire now and start to really go to town fingering my ass and then licking the cum off of my fingers between the black dudes long strokes through the hole....before long he blasts me a nice "nut".....and milks me every last drop through his foreskin....he pulls out of the "hole" and give me the "thumbs up".....a few seconds later I hear the stall door open and they are gone!!!!!

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